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Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

Founder of FDH Bank

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira is the founder of FDH Bank. This blog will cover a range of topics that relate to Thomson Mpinganjira’s personal and professional interests, including FDH Financial Holdings, thought leadership, and the charitable causes that he is associated with.

An Overview

As the founder of FDH Bank, Thomson Mpinganjira’s blog will take an in-depth look at the bank – exploring its vision and mission, as well as its history

This blog will also explore FDH Financial Holdings, and other news and developments that relate to Mpinganjira’s business affairs. Thomson Mpinganjira’s recent interview with ACCA will be covered too, delving into his reputation for outstanding and ethical leadership.

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira
Thought leadership is another important topic for Dr Thomson Mpinganjira; he has recently been working with women to inspire them to become successful entrepreneurs. As the founder of FDH Bank, Mpinganjira helped fund a conference for women who aspire to be in business, where he shared entrepreneurial skills and business tips that will help them to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Charitable associations that will be explored include the Malamulo Adventist Hospital, where Thomson Mpinganjira supports the Children’s Intensive Care Unit, as well as the Tailors Association of Malawi, which receives financial support for sewing machines from Mpinganjira.

This blog will also take a look at news stories and developments that relate to the work of Thomson Mpinganjira and FDH Bank, including the bank’s ‘discount house’ strategy and mission, and the numerous scholarships that the bank provides for UNIMA students. Other news stories will be covered too, including examples of the FDH Bank’s corporate responsibility – such as the role it played in assisting a poor Dowa woman and the help that it offered to 10 Must students who were in need of scholarships.

Business topics that will be covered on this blog include leadership in business, business growth and sustainability, corporate strategy, the FDH Money Bureau, corporate governance, innovation and digital disruptions, and more general tips for entrepreneurs who wish to find success in business. Business awards and events will also feature on this blog, including the AABLA Business Awards and the ICAM Annual Lakeshore conference.