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As founder of FDH Financial Holdings Dr Thomson Mpinganjira explains, gaining his ACCA qualification was a critical step in building his financial empire in Malawi. This article looks at how FDH Financial Holdings took Malawi’s financial infrastructure to the next level, and the importance of organisations like ACCA in promoting ethical leadership throughout the finance industry.

What is ACCA?

ACCA Global is a leading body in forward-thinking professional accountancy, promoting fairness and transparency throughout the industry to help economies all over the world grow and prosper.

With more than 219,000 qualified members and 527,000 student members worldwide, ACCA Global impacts all aspects of industry, with members working in every sector.

ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a thriving global community operating out of 179 countries worldwide to uphold the highest ethical and professional values. The organisation was established on the principle that accountancy serves as a cornerstone of society, supporting both public and private sectors.

ACCA is committed to developing a strong global community of accountancy professionals, promoting the many benefits this brings to individuals, professional organisations, and society as a whole. Find out more about the work of ACCA by viewing the attached PDF.

About FDH Financial Holdings

FDH Financial Holdings founder Dr Thomson Mpinganjira is a former employee of Deloitte. He points to his ACCA qualification, combined with valuable early lessons learned working for one of the world’s most prestigious financial organisations, as being pivotal to the firsts he accomplished throughout his distinguished career in finance.

In 2000, Thomson Mpinganjira established the Malawi Stock Exchange, serving as CEO. In 2008, he opened FDH Bank in Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi.

As the founder of FDH Financial Holdings, Mr Mpinganjira is one of the most important Malawian businessmen of his generation. He made some very important contacts during his career at Deloitte. As an inveterate networker, he aims to pass this valuable skill to his staff. As Thomson Mpinganjira points out, networking is essential to staying relevant in society. He is keen to support others to continue his work, ensuring his legacy lives on long after his retirement.

Working with his extensive network of contacts, both internationally and within south-east Africa, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira gained extensive experience of many business concepts of the financial sector. He utilised this knowledge and experience, establishing First Discount House, an organisation that later became a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings. Find out more about First Discount House by viewing the attached video.

After gaining experience of the money marketing arena, the next obvious step may have been to open a bank of his own. Nevertheless, the opportunity was not immediately available. Instead, he established his own stockbroking firm, with the ambition of creating a family business to carry on his legacy.

As the founder of FDH, Thomson Mpinganjira sees his role in establishing and running the organisation not just in terms of creating profit for his shareholders. He is acutely aware that as well as being accountable to stakeholders, he also has a responsibility to the government, the wider community, and the public as a whole. The FDH founder appreciates the importance of creating not just a profitable business, but one that is ethically sound.

FDH was founded with corporate social responsibility at the forefront of all of its dealings. Over the years, the organisation has funded refurbishment of a children’s intensive care unit in Makwasa, southern Malawi. In addition, FDH has provided funding for college computing telecoms equipment, as well as financing girls’ education initiatives. Find out more about philanthropic initiatives implemented by FDH by viewing the attached infographic.