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First Discount House founder Dr Thomson Mpinganjira recently spoke at an event inspiring women leaders to enter into entrepreneurship. Speaking at the Seventh Day Adventist Women Leadership Convention staged at the College of Medicine, Blantyre, Malawi, Mpinganjira gave a powerful 30-minute presentation on ‘The Bolts and Nuts of Entrepreneurship.’

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira challenged the audience of 1,000 delegates to pursue success by following a prescribed set of principles. He underlined the importance of putting God first. In his presentation, he explained that God is seeking a spiritual return on all of his investments, imparting that the delegates had a responsibility to effectively manage the opportunities and wealth presented to them.

In his inspirational talk, Thomson Mpinganjira underlined the importance of having a dream and a vision in life, explaining that putting a plan in place and realising the dream requires a great deal of persistence. He told the audience of prospective businesswomen that although their journey may not be as easy as they had envisaged, and there are likely to be unanticipated hardships and setbacks along the way, they should never let anyone look down on them. He underlined the importance of ‘dreaming big’; of pursuing an ambition so substantial that, in just attaining a small percentage of that goal, one would still be considered successful.

Emily Egolet, SDA Women Ministries Director, also spoke at the event, expressing her gratitude for the insights shared by Thomson Mpinganjira. She pointed out that such conventions help mould women into warriors rather than worriers, equipping them with the leadership skills they need to be successful in business.

FDH Bank contributed MK5 million in funding to support the convention. As part of its corporate responsibility program, the Bank established the FDH Cares organisation, funding and collaborating on a variety of projects, including initiatives to promote female empowerment and enterprise. Find out more about the work of FDH Cares by viewing the attached PDF.

About the FDH Bank Founder

Thomson Mpinganjira is a qualified accountant and a fellow of the ACCA. He worked for numerous prestigious organisations throughout his career, including the National Bank of Malawi and Deloitte, before founding his own companies.

In 2002, he founded his first company, First Discount House, presiding over the organisation as Managing Director until 2007, when he began to set up FDH Bank. He attributes much of his career success to early exposure to business by his father, who himself owned a successful import and trading company that took him all over Zambia and Malawi, as well as working as an Accountant and Chartered Secretary.

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira established FDH Financial Holdings Limited, an organisation with several subsidiaries, namely:

  • FDH Bank
  • First Discount House
  • MSB Properties
  • FDH Money Bureau
  • FDH Financial Advisory Services

As a successful entrepreneur, the FDH founder points out that vision is requisite to success. As part of the Bolts and Nuts of Entrepreneurship presentation he gave at the Women Ministries Leadership Convention, he pointed out the need to read about successful businesspeople, explaining how in formulating a simple, smart business plan, entrepreneurs can soar to greater heights. Find out more about the Bolts and Nuts of Entrepreneurship presentation by viewing the attached infographic.

About the Seventh-day Adventist Church

This religious organisation implements a variety of projects to inspire, educate, and support the citizens of Malawi.

Ongoing projects implemented by the Seventh-day Adventist Church include:(4)

  • Establishing a new mission centre in Dowa to serve as a launch pad for various missionary and community development programs.
  • Updating infrastructure at the M’bwatalika Mission, including modernising the existing primary and secondary schools.
  • Constructing a new clinic and secondary school at the Thete Mission

To find out more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, view the attached video.