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In August 2016, FDH Bank gave Dowa resident Marieta Samuel a house worth K 14 million. Ms Samuel had been attacked by her estranged husband 10 years previously, when he cut off her hands. Find out more about the charitable giving of FDH Bank by viewing the attached PDF.

Speaking with The Sunday Times, Ms Samuel explained that, despite numerous promises from different organisations, she had suffered for a decade with no tangible help. 41-year old Marieta Samuel admitted that she was not sure how to take the news of FDH Bank’s generous gift initially, suspecting it may be another in a long line of promises that failed to materialise.

Nevertheless, to her astonishment, the Bank came through for her. Ms Samuel described the gift as “a dream come true.”

FDH Bank founder Dr Thomson Mpinganjira explained that it had recently come to his attention that, 10 years on from the widely reported attack, nothing had been done to assist Ms Samuel. He was determined to help. FDH Bank provided Ms Samuel with short-term aid, in the form of two bales of second-hand clothing, as well as cash to help in the long-term.

Dr Mpinganjira said that Marieta Samuel had ambitions of starting her own business venture, selling second-hand clothing, and the bank was committed to helping her. Following the incident, Ms Samuel had the idea of starting the venture to sustain herself and her children. She saw selling second-hand clothes as an enterprise that could improve her family’s lives in the long-term.

As one of Malawi’s leading business figures, Thomson Mpinganjira recognises the value of implementing effective corporate social responsibility programs in all of his business ventures.

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

The world’s most successful business leaders recognise the importance of organisations giving back to society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that holds companies accountable socially, to the public, itself, and its stakeholders.

Also known as corporate citizenship, CSR enables companies to create a conscious impact on all aspects of society, including social and economic aspects as well as the environment. By implementing effective CSR strategies, companies enhance the environment and society instead of impacting them negatively.

CSR can take many different forms. By adopting CSR programs, volunteer efforts, and philanthropy, businesses can not only benefit society, but boost their brand at the same time.

CSR is particularly important in terms of forging stronger internal bonds within an organisation, making employees feel proud to work for a company that shares their values; boosting morale; and helping the workforce feel more connected with their community.

To learn about the impact of social change in Africa, view the attached infographic.

About Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

As the first, and so far only individual to own a Malawian bank, Dr Mpinganjira is one of Malawi’s most successful entrepreneurs. From a small discount house, Thomson Mpinganjira has grown an extensive business empire, culminating in the creation of his holdings company, FDH Financial Holdings Limited. Find out more about First Discount House Limited, Dr Mpinganjira’s first company, by watching the attached video.

Starting with just nine employees, Dr Mpinganjira has grown FDH Financial Holdings Limited to an organisation with a workforce of more than 800, providing his workers with generous remuneration packages, including comprehensive health insurance for employees and their spouses and children.

Outside his role at FDH Financial Holdings Limited, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira chairs and serves on the board of several organisations. In 2014, he was appointed Malawian Public Sector Reform Commissioner, assisting Vice-President Saulos Chilima by providing unbiased, independent advice on the reforms necessary to reinvigorate Malawi’s public sector.