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In October 2020, this leading Malawian commercial bank announced via its website that it had partnered with Malawi Postal Corporation (MPC) to provide the ground-breaking Banki Pakhomo banking service.

Speaking at a briefing staged in Blantyre, Malawi, Elias Ngalande, FDH Bank’s Managing Director, explained to the audience that the initiative would help individuals living in rural regions of Malawi to access bank services via MPC outlets. Under the new scheme, FDH Bank customers visiting their local MPC outlet would be able to access much the same services as those provided by FDH Bank service centres.

FDH Bank, a leading Malawian financial institution, was founded by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira. Adhering to the prominent Malawian businessman’s strict code of ethics, FDH Bank strives to promote financial inclusion across Malawi today, developing a comprehensive range of innovative services and products to reach every member of society, and striving to provide cutting-edge financial products to even the most remote regions of Malawi. Learn more about other initiatives staged by FDH Bank to encourage financial inclusion by viewing the attached PDF.

At the unveiling of Banki Pakhomo, Managing Director Elias Ngalande explained that the partnership would enable FDH Bank customers to access banking services via 180 MPC branches situated in rural regions of Malawi. Also present at the briefing, Zacheus Meke, MPC’s acting postmaster general, commended FDH Bank for partnering with MPC, explaining that the initiative would go a long way towards decreasing bank queues, and would enable MPC to deliver the same services to FDH Bank customers. Mr Meke pointed out that, in addition to its vast time-saving potential, the collaboration could significantly decrease costs, reducing the need for bank customers to travel long distances in order to access banking services.

About FDH Bank

Alongside FDH Money Bureau and First Discount House, FDH Bank is a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings. Headquartered in the Malawian city of Blantyre, FDH Bank is a full-service, leading commercial bank, providing a comprehensive range of international banking, corporate banking, retail banking, treasury management, structured trade finance, asset finance, and corporate advisory services.

FDH Financial Holdings is committed to promoting transparency and accountability through all of its business activities, demonstrating commitment to clients, respect, innovation and teamwork, and dedication to employee development and customer satisfaction.

The Malawian financial services provider aims to deliver value to all company stakeholders, offering superior returns; secure, efficient banking solutions; and sustainable growth through embracing ethically sound business values, while maintaining the organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice in Malawi today. Learn more about FDH Bank’s vision by viewing the attached video.

About Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, founder of the FDH Financial Holdings banking empire, is well-known as a keen philanthropist both within Malawi and internationally. Upon Dr Mpinganjira’s retirement from FDH Financial Holdings, he established the Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation with the objective of carrying out charity work and supporting young entrepreneurs.

With current assets standing at between MK250 million and MK300 million, the Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation will provide vital start-up capital for promising young entrepreneurs, helping them to get their businesses off the ground and reach their full potential. In addition, the Foundation was created to support educational and healthcare causes.

FDH Financial Holdings’ Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

FDH Financial Holdings is committed to supporting socio-economic growth in Malawi via a comprehensive range of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, particularly in the current COVID-19 pandemic. The homegrown Malawian financial institution provides vital funding for numerous causes, from sponsoring university scholarships and delivering flood relief, to financing redecoration and renovation of hospital wings. To learn more about causes supported by FDH Financial Holdings as part of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies, view the attached infographic.