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FDH Financial Holdings Limited (FDH) was founded by successful entrepreneur and investor Thomson Mpinganjira. This article explores the vital role of FDH, supporting private and corporate clients across Malawi.

About FDH

FDH Financial Holdings is a diversified financial solutions and investments centre. The organisation specialises in banking, investment management, and advisory services, as well as discount house and Forex Bureau operations. Priding itself on providing a high-quality service, FDH has created a formidable reputation in all of its business arms. Find out more about the company’s scope and structure by viewing the attached PDF.

FDH Financial Holdings started with just nine employees. Today, this leading Malawian financial institution employs 1,075 people. The organisation is one of just a handful of companies in Malawi to provide all of its employees, as well as their spouses and two children, comprehensive health insurance fully meeting the cost of their healthcare needs. FDH has also implemented working HIV/Aids policies to wide acclaim, as well as building a health and fitness centre to protect the health and wellbeing of its professional workforce.

FDH Bank’s Osafinyika Promotion

On the 3rd April 2020, FDH Bank’s Head of Personal and Business Banking, Kawawa Msapato, announced the organisation’s Osafinyika initiative.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, FDH Bank launched this digital transaction drive to encourage customers to utilise the bank’s digital platforms rather than relying on notes and coins, thereby reducing visits to banking halls to stem transmission of COVID-19.

FDH Bank promotes social distancing through a number of measures, including limiting the number of customers admitted to branches at the same time. In order to encourage and motivate FDH Bank customers to stay safe, FDH invites them to utilise its digital platforms through FDH Mobile, Ufulu Digital Account, or WhatsApp Banking.

Customers utilising the bank’s digital services in this way will automatically be entered into a free prize draw. One lucky winner will receive a Mazda Demio, with runners-up winning Itel A16 phones, Bluetooth speakers, powerbanks, branded T-shirts, and a variety of cash prizes.

To enter, customers simply need to make a fund transfer, bill payment, airtime top-up, or cardless withdrawal.

As Mr Msapato explained, the initiative is designed to protect both customers and staff from the impact of the current COVID-19 global pandemic by reducing the need for interactions in person. FDH Bank is committed to protecting its staff and customers during this challenging time. FDH works tirelessly with communities throughout Malawi, protecting not only health, but also meeting the unique financial needs of all of its customers by continuing to provide optimised financial solutions. Find out more about FDH Bank’s Osafinyika promotion by watching the attached video.

About Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, founder of FDH Bank, is the first – and indeed only person, so far – to own a bank in Malawi.

After a decade in business, Thomson Mpinganjira’s bank falls within Malawi’s top 12 banks. From a modest discount house, he effectively grew one of the country’s forerunning financial services providers.

The founder of FDH and owner of FDH Money Bureau; FDH Bank; FDH Stockbrokers; and First Discount House is a chartered accountant by training. After graduating from the University of Malawi in 1984, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira accumulated extensive experience of the finance sector, working for industry giants Deloitte & Touche; Mandala, which later became the CFAO automobile company; and Blantyre Printing and Publishing Group.

Following a brief but highly successful stint at the National Bank of Malawi as Head of Security and Operational Risk, Thomson Mpinganjira went on to become the first stockbroker of Malawi, heading up Stockbrokers Malawi Limited. Find out more about professional roles held by the FDH founder by viewing the attached infographic.