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In December 2019, FDH Bank unveiled a fully furnished and refurbished Paediatric Intensive Care Ward in Makwasa, Thyolo in Malawi. This article explores the philanthropic activities of FDH Bank founder Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, and the importance of corporate social responsibility.

The New Paediatric Intensive Care Ward at Malamulo Adventist Hospital

FDH Bank funded the new Paediatric Intensive Care Ward at a cost of MK15 million. The eight-bed ward comprises life-saving equipment, including two oxygen concentrators, a ventilator, a monitor, and a suction machine. Find out more about the services offered by Malamulo Hospital by viewing the attached infographic.

As Dr Thomson Mpinganjira told the audience at the opening ceremony, the donation formed part of FDH Bank’s corporate social responsibility policy. He explained that he had visited the hospital the previous year and had been shocked to find the ward in disarray, effectively leaving children in the region without a suitable ICU. Thomson Mpinganjira was moved to support Malamulo Adventist Hospital. This heartfelt gift from FDH Bank will benefit not just the hospital, but children all over Malawi.

Thomson Mpinganjira went on to say that there is no greater calling than to help and support paediatric health, since children are the future. Also present at the opening ceremony, Jason Blanchard, CEO of Malamulo Adventist Hospital, acknowledged that the ward was beautiful, not just because of the colourful paintings, but because of all the lives it will save.

Dr Wilson Thomas, Medical Director at Malamulo Adventist Hospital, explained that the medical equipment that had been donated would make a very big difference. He said that the hospital had faced a lot of challenges in treating children with lung and breathing problems, such as pneumonia, due to a lack of oxygen concentrators. Dr Thomas pointed out that the new equipment will definitely save lives.

Find out more about the history of Malamulo Adventist Hospital by viewing the attached PDF.

The Tailors Association of Malawi

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira’s company, FDH Financial Holdings Limited, recently came to the aid of local tailors, providing MK3.5 million to buy new sewing machines. The investment enabled the Tailors Association of Malawi to overcome critical financial challenges that almost led to the organisation’s closure.

As Tailors Association of Malawi President Esther Mponya explains, the group had been embroiled in financial challenges for a number of years that culminated in the loss of all of its sewing machines when they were seized by a creditor. Not only did FDH Financial Holdings Limited pay the MK3.2 million demand to secure release of the confiscated machines, FDH Financial Holdings Limited also provided a further MK280,000 to cover repairs, since the machines were not working after being idle for four years.

Thomson Mpinganjira reportedly came to the rescue after learning of the financial challenges faced by the Tailors Association of Malawi and the financial ramifications for association members and their families. As Esther Mponya explains, now that the association is back on a sound financial footing, it is implementing several new initiatives, including sewing garments for private clients to increase profitability, as well as providing training for widows, helping them support their families through learning the trade.

Speaking in interview, the FDH Bank founder explained that he was inspired by the organisation’s vision and moved by its story, in particular its emphasis on being self-sustaining and running a training program for widows. He pointed out that the Tailors Association of Malawi intends to take advantage of the government-backed Buy Malawi Strategy, growing its business over the next five years to become a provider of low-cost, high quality products. Find out more about the association’s plans to increase its market share by watching the attached short video.