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In September 2020, FDH Bank announced a comprehensive range of mobile app upgrades via its corporate website. The upgrades introduce a variety of new resources, including biometric registration and access, KYC verification, TNM and Airtel Money, contactless transactions, and facial recognition.

Announcing the upgrades, Levie Nkunika explained that the changes would deliver increased efficiency, providing cutting-edge innovations to meet expanding customer needs. Mr Nkunika pointed out that the new app would confer a wide variety of benefits, including enhanced security, improved user experience, and seamless, convenient transactions.

Founded by financial industry expert Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, FDH Bank has grown to become one of Malawi’s leading financial institutions. View the attached PDF to discover more about Dr Mpinganjira’s prominent career.

FDH Bank’s Digital Products

FDH Mobile provides an alternative banking channel, enabling customers to access banking services via their mobile device. Operating via USSD or the FDH smart app, the platform enables clients to register FDH ATM cards remotely by dialling *525# from their mobile phone and entering their card details. Alternatively, FDH customers can access the facility by submitting a mobile application form at their local FDH service centre.

FDH One-Click is an innovative electronic bulk payment platform that supports payment to multiple beneficiaries with a single click. Customers can use the facility to send money to multiple recipients at the same time. Discover more by viewing the attached video

WhatsApp Banking is a pioneering facility supporting FDH Mobile banking services via the WhatsApp messaging app. It enables customers to pay bills, send money, and much more by simply adding 0880 849 079 to their contacts.

Available to both FDH customers and non-customers, Smart Pay is a facility that allows users to make real time purchases with any Smart Pay registered merchant via their mobile phone. To utilise the Smart Pay service, users simply call *525# and follow the automated instructions.

FDH Wallet is a virtual wallet system that supports digital transactions by customers without using a bank account. The service is accessible by mobile phone owners registered with the TNM and Airtel networks. Customers can use FDH Wallet to perform a range of online transactions, including accessing airtime top-up services and paying bills.

FDH InstaLoan is a digital loan service provided by FDH Bank. The platform enables customers to access instant, interest-free credit facilities. Available by simply dialling *525#, FDH InstaLoan is open to all customers of FDH Bank on Mobile Banking.

Again, accessible by dialling *525# from a mobile phone, Ufulu Digital Account enables clients to register their mobile phone number as their bank account. There are no monthly charges to use the service, or book balance or account opening forms required.

FDH Mastercard is a fast, convenient method of managing finances, enabling clients to make payments directly from their account, and providing an electronic record of all transactions to help customers track their expenditure. FDH Mastercard comes in Platinum, Gold, and Standard to suit customer needs. Learn more about the benefits of FDH Mastercard by viewing the attached infographic.

FDH Bank: Promoting Financial Inclusion

FDH Bank is committed to accelerating inclusion throughout Malawi’s banking industry, developing a variety of digital products and services to provide access to financial services, even for those residing in geographically remote areas of the country.

In 2018, FDH Bank collaborated with the Malawian Government as part of nationwide efforts to promote financial inclusion, delivering the ground-breaking Social Cash Transfer protection programme.

With 92 ATMs, 51 Service Centres, and more than 1,700 agency banking personnel working across 27 districts of Malawi, FDH Bank offers the widest banking network in the nation, pioneering digital financial solutions to enable businesses and consumers to complete financial transactions with convenience and ease.